Thees and Thous

It’s ironic, I suppose, that as I happily trot along the path of what some would call progressive Christianity, I fall in love with the King James Version of the Bible. The version that fundamentalists pick over any other is coming to me as I rethink everything I have ever been told about the Bible and Christianity. Though I suppose, if truth be told,  I’ve been on this path since I was a kid.

I grew up Catholic. We went to mass every Sunday, even though the days that filled out the time in between had very little in the way of Christian living. But that is for another post on another day.

Like any good Catholic kid I went to Catholic school. I remember my teacher telling us the story of Adam and Eve. Somehow I knew at that moment that Adam and Eve never really existed, at least not in the literal sense, but that was OK. There was stuff we could learn from their story.

Here I am all those years later, reading their story again. This time not to gain any sort of indoctrination. But just to learn from it. I guess the truth is that we don’t need an infallible Bible to learn from it. Maybe, just maybe, if we expect it to be infallible we miss some of the best nuggets of knowledge available to us.

Here I am with the thees and thous. Enjoying the beauty that this version of the English Language brings. There may not have been a literal Adam and Eve, but I can tell you one thing, I ain’t going anywhere near that apple.


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